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Sadatganj – Katra Village, Badaun, Uttar Pradesh. Dated 31/05/2014


A delegation comprising of Nirbhoy Didi Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury, advocate Manish Pratap Singh and doctor Anjali Arya visited Katra village and met the affected family of 2 young dalit victims of gang-rape, aged 12 years and 14 years, who were murdered and hanged from a tree by assailants. The parents, grandmother of nearly 90 years of age and an infant brother are inconsolable and have been left in aggrieved condition.


The police has arrested people from Yadav community and cops.


Katra village is located on the banks of river Ganga. The village represents a painful predicament and a dismal picture of rural India. No government scheme, neither State nor Centre, has been implemented in the area. The government has miserably failed in keeping check on issues of women safety and security. The village homes have no toilet facility which forces the women and young girls of house to defecate in open fields during odd hours. There is a small community toilet in the village constructed long back but has turned obsolete due to lack of scarcity of water and electricity. Over the time, it has become useless and non-functional.


The father of one of the deceased girl informed that they approached the police when both the girls, who were also cousins, did not reach home even after several hours. The police officials turned a blind eye towards the father’s concern and refused out rightly for any help. Instead, the police asked the family to leave police station.


To the utter shock of the delegation which visited today, the police station, which was wearing a shabby look, was found shut. The delegation noted that the tree where the two girls were hanged was cordoned by a large section of state police and central forces. Also, to gain mileage and enhanced TRPs, both the local and national media were found madly chasing the affected family. The family, already devastated by the crime had no means to drive the media out and felt completely robbed of privacy, confidentiality as well as personal sentiments.


The delegation feels that the root cause of such inhuman actions, particularly in village settings, is the absence of toilet facilities at village homes. This compels the women of the family to defecate in open and keep themselves in a vulnerable position of being attacked and raped.

Nirbhoy Gram Campaign has one of its basic tenets as safety and security of women. Toilets within the home premises not only ensures safety of women and young girls but also is a medium to rise above the shame and disgrace due to defecation in open.

Badaun twin rape and murder incident is a clear example of vulnerability of women towards sexual violence in face of absence of toilets at home. Standing under the tree where the two deceased girls were hanged, Nirbhoy Didi Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury, along with two delegation members pledged that the Nirbhoy Gram Campaign will ensure toilets in every household of the village and thereby enhance security of women and young girls in Sadatganj Katra village of Badaun district.

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