Fast unto Death by Nirbhoy Didi


Dated 26th January 2014



District Malda

West Bengal




Sub: Regarding fasting by undersigned in pain and protest

of poor and non-existent health infrastructure of Bhootni Diara PHC

from 26th January 2014




On this Republic Day, this is to bring to your kind attention that Bhootni is a neglected Char area and surrounded by rivers. Many areas are still unelectrified and there is no public transport. There is no pucca road and bridge to come to mainland. The area is badly hit by flood, erosion and natural disasters.


More than 1.5 lakh residents of the area are severely deprived of most basic health services. There is a PHC but having only 2 staff. There is no bedded hospital, no staff, no emergency service, no facility of delivery, no emergency patient care beds, no diagnostic facility, no DOTS, no power supply in the health centre and no ambulance or matrijan. Doctor and nurses are not available to patients.


A lone PHC has only one pharmacist. A doctor is posted on contractual basis but not available to patients for more than few hours, that too, not daily. The rooms and buildings are lying unused. A labour room is lying vacant. A semi-constructed building is looking like ruins and debris. The residential quarters of doctor and staff nurses are all vacant and locked.


The National Rural Health Mission is a total failure here. The National TB and AIDS Control Program are non-existent. People’s suffering is excessive despite the Union Health Minister of State being the local MP.


I am deeply pained by the hardship of people of Bhootni and especially that of pregnant women, infant children and elderly. Malda is my home district. As a citizen of independent India, it is my moral responsibility to help the poorest of the poor and deprived fellow citizens. Since, the authorities have not bothered in the last 66 years, to establish a hospital here and not even cared to run a PHC properly,


Therefore, I am compelled by my conscience to quit food and water for the time being and camp at the Bhootni Diara Primary Health Centre campus till you restore the basic services of the PHC and provide minimum emergency medical assistance to the citizens of Bhootni on SOS basis.


Considering very special topography and geographical hardship of Bhootni people who live in an island like isolated situation in deep socio-economic crisis, the following are my demands which may kindly be met by you in 24 hours.


  1. Posting of 1 residential doctor or 2 Full time doctors for day and night duties who can attend both day and night emergencies and give full time to the centre.
  2. Posting of 3 GNM
  3. Posting of 4 GDA
  4. Posting of 1 Sweeper
  5. Ambulance (Surface Transport and Boat) since the area has no direct road connectivity with mainland and village roads are almost non-existent.
  6. Matrijan for pregnant women
  7. A Telephone landline which can be used by patients as a medical helpline
  8. The existing labour room to be made functional
  9. Installation of power supply (Currently, wiring is done but no power supply is there. The staff is stealing power from mainline)
  10. A room out of the existing 6 rooms to be made functional with at least 2 beds for the purpose of emergency cases.
  11. A district level monitoring committee to be headed by the CMOH for day to day monitoring of the attendance of the PHC staff and services.
  12. Utilize and make doctor and nurses quarters functional
  13. Provide essential medicines including snake-bite and burns.


The following are my demands in 30 days:

  1. A diagnostic centre
  2. A laboratory for TB and leprosy detection



I am hoping for your immediate action.

Yours sincerely,








Copy for information and necessary action to:


The Superintendent of Police, Malda district

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