Bravery Day- 10 more villages Pledge to be Nirbhoy Gram


In her efforts to instil a sense of courage among villagers to fight against crime, Nirbhoy Didi Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury will visit Malda in the Bangladesh border, on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bose, and formally adopt 10 more tribal villages within the ambit of Nirbhoy Gram initiative in Habibpur, Bamongola and Ghazole blocks. The birth day of Subhash Chandra Bose has been considered as “Veerta Divas ( Bravery Day).
Nirbhoy Gram is the first of its kind philanthropic initiative in India in Malda district of West Bengal with an aim to empower 3000 villages and spread the ideals of peace, non-violence and fearless existence. Malda has been declared one among 272 most backward districts by the Planning Commission of India. The district has reported high levels of poverty, illiteracy, crime and communal violence. The insidious and brutal incident of rape and murder of “Nirbhaya” on December 16, 2012 in New Delhi inspired activist Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury to engineer Nirbhoy Gram campaign. In the first phase, 100 villages were brought under the initiative.
Nirbhoy Gram means a fearless village. It primarily focuses on safety and security of women and children. The initiative has been envisioned as a people’s movement for safety, security and justice at the grassroot. The campaign aims to remove fear from the minds of villagers, teach villagers to stand against crime and corruption, educate them to fight economic insolvency, motivate them to voice out their demands for safety and security and elect fearless and truthful leaders as their representatives in polity for social, economic and infrastructural transformation of the villages.
1. Peace
2. Non-violence
3. Freedom from fear and subjugation
4. Gram Swaraj
5. Good governance and delivery of service to the poor

 Fight against poverty
 Fight against illiteracy
 Fight against crime
 Fight against violence
 Fight against corruption
 Fight against non-performing negligent public authorities
 Fight against deceitful political leaders
 Fight against vote for money

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