Nirbhoy Didi intervenes at the pitiable state of a girl child in a poor family in Tajpur village of Habibpur Block of Malda District




Nirbhoy Gram Campaign

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Dated: March 12, 2014


Sh. S. K. Dwivedi, IAS

The District Magistrate

District Collectorate

Malda District

West Bengal


Dear Sh. S.K. Dwivedi Ji,



Sub: Seeking your urgent attention and support

towards the pitiable state of a girl child in a poor family in

Tajpur village of Habibpur Block of Malda District


Through this letter, I wish to bring to your attention the deplorable medical condition of a one and half year old girl born to a poor underprivileged family in Tajpur village of Habibpur block in Malda and seek your support in providing appropriate medical care to her.


I am informed that Johita Saha, one and half year old girl, has been diagnosed with a neurological disorder which has rendered her completely bedridden with no development of speech and sense of recognition. She is unable to sit and stand and remains in a pitiable condition.


Johita Saha’s father, Sh. Bhagirath Saha (35 years old) is a labourer with petite monthly income which takes care of seven family members in Tajpur village of Habibpur region of Malda. The family consulted Malda District Hospital where the doctors have referred her to a tertiary care medical set-up which requires huge amount of money for her treatment including consultation with the doctors, medicines and travel to the hospital from the village.


Sh. Bhagirath Saha is seeking medical help to get her daughter treated from a tertiary care hospital. He approached Nirbhoy Didi (Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury) to seek help.

As you know, Nirbhoy Gram is a people’s movement for safety, security and justice at the grassroot level initiated by Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury. It primarily focuses on safety and security of women and children. The campaign aims to remove fear from the minds of villagers, teach villagers to stand against crime and corruption, educate them to fight economic insolvency, motivate them to voice out their demands for safety and security and elect fearless and truthful leaders as their representatives in polity for social, economic and infrastructural transformation of the villages.


As a rural campaign, Nirbhoy Gram is not into service delivery but supports villagers in seeking support from the appropriate source. On behalf of Sh. Bhagirath Saha and in response to the pain that little girl is bearing, I, founder of Nirbhoy Gram Campaign, request you for your immediate action and support towards the treatment of Johita Saha.



  1. Please organize Johita Saha’s access to appropriate medical care and rehabilitation.
  2. Provide any other livelihood related schemes and policies to the parents of Johita Saha.


Your support through government policies and schemes will be a life saver for the girl and shall prove extremely helpful for this family. I look forward for your support in this cause.


Thanking you,

 Nirbhoy Didi

   (Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury)

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