Nirbhoy Membership

You can obtain Nirbhoy Membership by donating Rs. 10 as membership fee only through online system. No manual collection of membership fee is available. These members will be general members and shall not have any voting right. Those found engaged in crime and corruption, shall be removed as general member without any notice.

Nirbhoy members shall:

  • Be fearless and raise their concerns and issues regarding village development assertively.
  • Believe in Nirbhoy Gram goals, objectives and manifesto.
  • Be “Nirbhoy Gram Bondhu” (Friend of Nirbhoy Gram)
  • Contribute towards establishment and development of Nirbhoy Gram
  • Develop strong feelings of brotherhood among themselves to promote an attitude of solidarity, care and share for common good.
  • Members are expected to write about the grievances of people to the grievance redressal cell of Nirbhoy Gram.

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