Rich Jains too receive Govt dole?


With Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi putting his weight behind it, the Union Cabinet decided to accord minority status to Jains. This would mean about 5 million Jain population will be entitled to receive welfare funds from Central Government.
It is a common fact that Jains in our country are traditionally successful business class. They are known for funding scholarships for poor children, running dharamshalas for pilgrims and charitable poly-clinics across the country. Children from Jain families have done exceedingly well economically as well as socially. Do they really need government dole?
The minority status will equate them with Muslims and other communities who really need help. This can only be called a poll gimmick of ruling Congress party. The step may enrage many poorest of the poor in the country. The economy is already hard and further down-run with doling tactics of the UPA.

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