Support Nirbhoy Didi

  • Be Nirbhoy (Fearless)
  • Be a “Nirbhoy Gram Bondhu” (Friend of Nirbhoy Gram)
  • Develop a strong feeling of brotherhood among Nirbhoy volunteers across the country and promote an attitude of solidarity, care and share for common good.
  • Organize and participate in lectures by Nirbhoy Didi
  • Organize Nirbhoy Gram seminar/talk in your area
  • Participate in the Nirbhoy Gram awareness campaign
  • Raise advocacy in favour of Nirbhoy Gram among your family/friends/colleagues
  • Educate villagers about their constitutional rights and duties
  • Upgrade knowledge of villagers and grass root political and social leaders on welfare schemes of our government and the governments of other nations to stimulate the demands of justice and equity at the grass-root.

Promote Village Economy

  • Remove fear from the minds of villagers and fight against their status of “third class/cattle class” citizens.
  • Remove daily hardship and struggle from the lives of villagers
  • Educate villagers on how to raise their per capita income
  • Debate and discuss how to bring in infrastructural growth in a Nirbhoy Gram
  • Raise your voice in favour of total removal of unemployment among youth
  • Offer solutions for betterment of village economy

Fight for Safety and Security of Women and Children

  • Attempt to establish safe and secure environment for women and children
  • Help in establishing police-public cooperation.
  • Support community policing activities

Support Destitute and Homeless

  • Report if a villager is suffering from diseases such as HIV/AIDS and mental illness and seek rehabilitative support for him/her.
  • Seek rehabilitative support if a villager is found in a state of destitution (destitution means a state where a human being has been abandoned/rendered homeless by family or society or community and has no income or shelter)

Fight Corruption

  • Encourage village communities to report and fight corruption against police, public servants and politicians and not to be part of any corrupt action.
  • Generate mass awareness in favour of establishing village ombudsman who can redress complaints of corruption occurring at the village level.

Vote for Nirbhoy (The Fearless)

  • Be a fearless voter
  • Spread awareness on responsibility of voters
  • Enable villagers to assert their rights as voters
  • Encourage to vote for the Nirbhoy (fearless), honest, dedicated and capable candidates.
  • Generate awareness on equal representation of women at all levels of polity and electorate.
  • Discourage politics of caste, colour, race and religion.
  • Vote for those who grew up in a village and having firsthand knowledge about the struggle in the lives of villagers and are committed to transform the socio-economic status of villagers and improve the pitiable law and order conditions prevailing in villages.
  • Encourage villagers not to vote for criminals, corrupt persons, people from show business such as film stars and those who buy vote with muscle, money and alcohol.

Be a Peace Ambassador

  • Be an Ambassador of Peace and Non-violence
  • Teach how to achieve well-being, health and happiness in a village life.
  • Spread the message of Inter-religious tolerance, Peace, Non-Violence, Inter-faith solidarity and Communal harmony.